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Vital Solutions Moving into Digital PR: Careless Video

Careless_LogoVital Solutions GmbH, a specialist in natural product development, sales and marketing, is pleased to announce the launch of its first video explaining the beneficial effects of its health ingredient, Careless.

Vital Solutions is known for high quality health ingredients, which are backed up with science derived from phytochemical investigation, identification of mode of action and confirming beneficial effects in humans.

“Scientific data is a must,” said Dr Sybille Buchwald-Werner, Managing Director at Vital Solutions: “Nevertheless, today’s industry decision maker are less likely to be convinced only by a lengthy scientific presentation. They are looking for emotional messages pointing out consumer benefits.”

A video is the perfect media to tell a story regarding the benefits of the product, including what it is, how it works and why we need it. Such a video closes the bridge between B2B and B2C marketing and fulfils the requirement of our modern digital world. Convince yourself, take  a look at our Careless video.

Careless is the first scientifically proven and IP protected ingredient that helps you care less about ageing and body weight while delivering the great taste and pleasure of exotic mango fruits. Careless is a high quality, sustainable natural ingredient, approved for use in foods and food supplements.