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For more than 110 years Roche has played a pioneering role in healthcare. Today, as world leader in in-vitro diagnostics, we supply a wide range of dianostic instruments and tests for rapid and reliable disease detection and monitoring by doctors, laboratories or patients themselves. In the therapeutic field, Roche has brought many highly effective drugs onto the market in the last few years. Our daily work focusses on disease areas where medical needs are great. These include nervous system disorders and inflammatory diseases. Roche is the world’s leading supplier of prescription drugs for cancer treatment.

We also know that two people can react differently to the same medication and that this is based on variations in our genes. Personalised medicine takes these new discoveries into account int he development of drugs and diagnostic tests. Roche plays a pioneering role in this area and is already marketing the first personalised medicinal products that are tailored to the needs of specific patient groups.