Veeva Vault EDC Now Available to Streamline Trial Design and Execution

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Veeva Vault EDC Now Available to Streamline Trial Design and Execution

clinical trialVeeva Systems has announced the availability of Veeva Vault EDC to help clinical data management teams better run clinical trials.

Veeva Vault EDC delivers a flexible, modern cloud application to easily design studies, manage amendments, and improve the speed and quality of data collection.

Veeva is bringing together EDC and eSource with CTMS and eTMF to provide the industry’s first and only suite of unified cloud applications to streamline clinical operations and clinical data management.

“Veeva Vault EDC allows life sciences companies to run the trial they want, not the trial their technology limits them to,” said Brian Longo, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Veeva Vault EDC.

“With a modern cloud EDC, clinical teams can reduce cost and complexity to deliver better data faster and accelerate trial execution.”

Traditional EDC systems struggle to address the growing complexity and volume of data in clinical trials. Systems are difficult to integrate and performance is often slow as large amounts of data are collected. Study amendments require costly and time consuming data migrations and system downtime.

Veeva Vault EDC gives clinical data management teams the flexibility to design complex studies faster and easily manage amendments with no downtime or data migration.

Its modern cloud architecture easily integrates with other clinical applications and scales to manage increasing volumes of data. Personalised views and prioritised tasks focus efforts on the most critical actions.

Clinical trial teams can now build and execute studies with greater efficiency to speed clinical trials.

Customers can use Veeva Vault EDC as a standalone application or combine it with electronic source data capture with Vault eSource, planned for availability in December 2017.

Together, Vault EDC and Vault eSource eliminate the need to transcribe patient data into an EDC system and cut costly and time-consuming source data verification by clinical monitors.

Veeva Vault EDC is available today as part of the Veeva Vault Clinical Suite, which also includes Vault eSourceVault CTMSVault eTMFVault Study Startup, and Vault SiteExchange.

The Veeva Vault Clinical Suite enables life sciences companies to seamlessly manage all content and data across clinical trials.