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Veeva Deepens Partnership with Salesforce

business agreement handshakeVeeva Systems has announced new integration between Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Veeva CRM, as well as support for Salesforce Service Cloud with Veeva Vault.

The companies are building upon their long-standing partnership to help life sciences deliver a more coordinated and consistent experience for healthcare professionals.

For the past 10 years, Veeva has been Salesforce’s preferred worldwide CRM provider for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. During this time, the two companies have extended their innovation and leadership positions in the cloud and, together, now have more than 250 joint customers.

“Veeva has been an outstanding partner during the past decade, and Peter has been an outstanding CEO,” said Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO at Salesforce. “Our expanded collaboration is a great next step for our joint customers and we look forward to working with Veeva into the next decade to help move the life sciences industry forward.”

“Salesforce is a cloud pioneer that has transformed how companies connect with their customers,” said Peter Gassner, founder and CEO of Veeva. “We’re excited to build upon our 10-year partnership and, together, help life sciences companies develop deeper relationships with healthcare professionals and create a better customer experience.”

Veeva and Salesforce Deliver More Effective Customer Interactions
Built on the Salesforce platform, Veeva CRM is core to Veeva Commercial Cloud, which brings together customer data, compliant content,and multichannel engagement for life sciences companies to deliver the experience healthcare professionals have come to expect.

The integration of Veeva CRM and Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows information to be shared between the two cloud solutions so that sales and marketing teams can have a complete view of customer engagement.

Marketing activities and data from Salesforce Marketing Cloud are available in Veeva CRM, whereas all Veeva CRM data and multichannel interactions, including Veeva CRM Approved EmailVeeva CLM and Veeva CRM Suggestions, flow directly into Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Now life sciences customers that use both cloud solutions can have full visibility into face-to-face and digital interactions so they can deliver a cohesive and consistent experience to healthcare professionals.

Veeva Vault for Compliant Content to Salesforce Service Cloud
Veeva Vault is a unified suite of applications that delivers a single source of truth for regulated content and data across the enterprise. Life sciences companies that use both Veeva Vault and Salesforce Service Cloud can respond to and fulfil customer service requests through Salesforce Service Cloud with approved, compliant content from Veeva Vault.

Healthcare professionals rely on fast, accurate information from pharma and biotech customer service teams. Through the Veeva Vault API, teams can author, search, and access compliant documents without ever leaving Salesforce Service Cloud. Additionally, all doctor interactions are logged so that customer service and support can track progress through analytics tools in Salesforce Service Cloud and Veeva Vault.