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Ultra Safe Pressure Reactor Assists Process Optimization

asynt PressureSynAsynt announces that Rapid Powders Ltd has been using a PressureSyn High Pressure Reactor to undertake series of process experiments using small amounts of precious materials to produce optimally functionalized polymers.

Rapid Powders Limited (www.rapidpowders.com) specializes in producing polymers with dispersions of functional materials such as metals, ceramics and carbons. Applications for these specialist materials include packaging, electrically conducting polymers, thermally conducting polymers and pigments.

To enable them to rapidly make small batches of these functionalized polymers, Rapid Polymers Ltd evaluated various commercial small volume high pressure reactors for safety, temperature control and the ability to operate over different process times before purchasing a PressureSyn reactor from Asynt.

David Field, Director at Rapid Polymers, commented: “Using the PressureSyn our chemists can very quickly run through a large sequence of experiments. We have found the unit very easy to use, which is important as many of its users had no previous experience of using high pressure reactors. The PressureSyn is beautifully designed, perfectly engineered and has an array of features to ensure operator safety.  We are exceptionally impressed with the PressureSyn, it is one of the smartest and most practical purchases we’ve made.”

Dr Field added: “As we no longer need to outsource high pressure development work the PressureSyn has already paid for itself. From utilizing the PressureSyn, Rapid Powders has also been able to obtain process optimization knowledge quickly which has saved us unnecessary expenditure on a complicated scale up pilot plant system we were considering.”

With customer safety paramount all PressureSyn reactors feature a bursting disk and pressure relief valve. Each precision engineered SS316 stainless steel PressureSyn reactor is tested and certified to 170 bar, and is rated for use up to a maximum pressure of 200 bar and temperature of 200 °C. A unique bracket and key operated locking system ensuring easy assembly. Beneficially this novel clamping arrangement also prevents the clasp from being disassembled whilst the reactor is still under pressure.

Designed by chemists and engineers at the internationally renowned University of Nottingham, PressureSyn reactors provide an ideal tool for stirred, or non-stirred, high pressure applications including hydrogenations, carbonylations, catalyst screening and polymerizations. For further information please visit www.asynt.com/product/pressuresyn/.