Tinley Begins Production of its Flagship “Hemplify” Product

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Tinley Begins Production of its Flagship “Hemplify” Product

hemp_oilThe Tinley Beverage Company Inc. is pleased to announce that its contract manufacturer in California has begun production of the company’s flagship “Hemplify” products.

The initial batch of products will be used for sampling and in-store sales. The company has a sales group in place to resell the products throughout California, and it expects to consummate partnerships with additional channels in the coming weeks.

“Commencing production is an exciting milestone for the company. It represents the culmination of 8 months of product development and sales channel development. Feedback on our product from retailers, wholesalers and consumers has been positive, and demand remains strong for drinkable hemp products in head shops, smoke shops, dispensaries and, increasingly, in health and grocery stores nationwide,” said Jeff Maser, President and CEO of Tinley.

The “Hemplify” brand was created in partnership with Hunter Straker, a leading US and Canadian branding and retail product services agency. The initial “Hemplify” product is a 10 oz, single-serving, drinkable supplement that contains hemp extract, vitamins A through E, omega-3 and up to nine times the electrolyte content of many sports drinks.

The initial flavours will be pineapple mango and apple cider. Each flavour is vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO. The method of infusing the hemp extract into this water-based drinkable supplement is a patented micellization technology that ensures shelf stability and enhanced absorption of the nutrients into the bloodstream. Additional information on the product and its formulation technology can be found at www.drinkhemplify.com.

Hemp extract, also known as “hemp oil,” is made from the stalk of industrial hemp and contains a unique spectrum of naturally occurring hemp phytoconstituents, terpenes and nutrients. It differs from hemp seed, heart and nut products, which are made from the plant’s seeds. The company has completed its FDA review and will post detailed ingredients and testing information on its website once the initial production batch is complete.