Time to Change the Way We Do Chemistry: Radleys Launches the Mya 4 Reaction Station

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Time to Change the Way We Do Chemistry: Radleys Launches the Mya 4 Reaction Station

Radleys MyaChemistry is becoming more productive than ever before, as UK manufacturer Radleys launch its new Mya 4 Reaction Station.

Mya 4 is a four-zone reaction station that offers precise heating, active cooling, software control and data logging for 24/7 unattended chemistry.

The new Reaction Station allows for multiple experiments with individual control in a single compact benchtop system.

Mya 4 provides ultimate flexibility: independent control of four zones, with active cooling and heating from -30 to +180 °C, a wide choice of vessels from 2–400 mL, and magnetic or powerful overhead stirring.

The versatile Reaction Station allows users to have more control over their chemistry than ever before; 24/7 unattended software control will increase safety and productivity, while reducing manual errors for better reproducibility and precision.

The intuitive touchscreen Control Pad means chemists can set experimental profiles for each individual zone, set safety limits, view real-time results and much more, with an easy-to-use interface that automatically logs all of the data in an exportable CSV format.

Users can select the optional Mya PC Control Software, which allows integration and control over multiple third-party devices such as syringe pumps, balances, vacuum pumps and pH sensors etc. on one screen. Experimental recipes and detailed reports can be exported and shared, with everything run from a PC.

Mark Radley, Managing Director of Radleys, is looking forward to seeing how Mya 4 can dramatically improve chemistry productivity: “Our team of expert engineers and chemists have sought to solve the problem of multitasking chemistry with Mya 4. The system is designed so a single or multiple users can independently run experiment in 4 zones, each with very different parameters.”

“Safer and more productive chemistry is at the heart of everything we do at Radleys. Mya 4 also allows chemists to automatically log and control experiments; improving safety, reproducibility and reducing manual errors.”

“Mya 4 is a flexible and versatile reaction station, allowing chemists to easily manage complex multi-step and multi-device experiments. We look forward to enabling increased productivity in the world of chemical research.”