Synexus Partners with Firstsource to Enhance the End-to-End Clinical Trial Experience

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Synexus Partners with Firstsource to Enhance the End-to-End Clinical Trial Experience

clinical trialSynexus, the world’s leading Site Management Organization (SMO), has appointed Firstsource Solutions to review and support its customer communication touchpoints across the UK with the objective of creating real-time responsiveness and dialogue, leading to an enhanced patient experience throughout the clinical trial process.

Today’s world suffers from information overload and identifying and communicating with patients who are willing to participate in clinical trials can be a significant challenge. Synexus is keen to adopt a streamlined process that offers consistency across multiple channels and builds awareness and understanding of the benefits that clinical trials can bring for patients, thus leading to better engagement.

Discussing the partnership, Sarah Beeby, VP Global Strategic Service Development, said: “We selected Firstsource as our partner of choice because of the significant experience they have with major consumer brands that are highly sophisticated when it comes to adopting a multichannel approach. We hope to learn from their experiences and apply these to develop a communications strategy that will boost the awareness of clinical trials. Health, science and medicine are significant parts of all of our daily lives and, therefore, we believe engaging content and targeted messaging across a variety of platforms will enable many more people to understand the benefits clinical trial participation can bring.”

She added: “Through this approach, we believe we will be able to motivate a greater number of individuals to participate in clinical trials and engage in patient communities. These benefits will also carry through the life of the clinical trial, as this approach will enable us to provide tailored information to the clinical trial participants ensuring they feel well informed and stay motivated to the end of the study.”

Gavin Snell, President, Customer Management, Firstsource Solutions, added: “In today’s multichannel world, multiple touch points are becoming a business necessity rather than a ‘nice to have,’ and the health sector is no exception. Whilst Synexus has offered numerous engagement opportunities to its patients, this project will take the business to the next level and really transform the patient experience.”

Concluding, Sarah Beeby, VP Global Strategic Service Development, said: “Our partnership with Firstsource is intended to ensure that we consistently create an environment that supports the patient and respects the commitment they have made from the moment they enquire about participation to the end of the trial. This partnership is very exciting and, we believe, has the potential to change the way clinical trials are portrayed in the UK and our other countries.”