SYGNIS AG Announces the Launch of TrueHelix

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SYGNIS AG Announces the Launch of TrueHelix

DNA research genomicSYGNIS AG has announced the launch of TrueHelix, a new bioinformatics service platform, delivered through a dedicated web portal, for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) providers and customers to analyse their sequencing data.

The service platform strengthens SYGNIS’ position in the NGS user market and facilitates a service approach, which complements and supports SYGNIS’ genomic product range by addressing the key customer needs.

The first service launched on the TrueHelix platform will be TruePure, a bioinformatics tool that validates sample purity and checks for potential sample contamination, which is a key concern in NGS workflows and can originate either from the lab environment or introduced during the sequencing process.

Often, contamination goes unnoticed, resulting in poor quality results and potentially faulty analysis. With the TruePure tool, customers obtain valuable information on the quality of the data and contamination.

The TrueHelix platform and tools will be available to all NGS users and will be of particular interest to existing TruePrime users and scientists engaged in Whole Genome sequencing data analysis.

In oncology, like with any other clinical application, confirmation that the amplified sample to be analysed is free from contamination is vital and adds significant value for the end user. TruePure is the first tool in a range of services that SYGNIS intends to launch in 2017. These services will position SYGNIS as a reference company in the NGS bioinformatics.

Dr Heikki Lanckriet, co-CEO and CSO of SYGNIS, said: “We are very proud of our new bioinformatics platform supporting NGS users with their data analysis. These users face many challenges when analysing the raw NGS data and sample contamination is a key concern that hampers accurate data analysis. Our ambition is to support our customers by providing them with added value tools and services that will address the key pitfalls in their workflows whilst showcasing SYGNIS’ expertise and knowledge in NGS bioinformatics.”