Shimadzu Opens European Innovation Centre

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Shimadzu Opens European Innovation Centre

Microsoft PowerPoint - Shimadzu Europa Innovation Center_björn2Shimadzu has introduced its European Innovation Center in Duisburg, Germany.

This innovations-oriented Think Tank combines academic-scientific and technical expertise to use Shimadzu’s expertise to provide even more customer-focused service.

It merges the cutting-edge analytical technologies of Shimadzu with the game-changing topics in markets and science covered by opinion leaders, strategic thinkers and scientific experts  to create new solutions for tomorrow.

With their leading-edge research expertise, highly-reputed scientists from well-known European universities contribute to the Shimadzu European Innovation Center.

Their scientific focus areas include clinical applications, imaging technology, food and composites, with an emphasis on new methods, tools, techniques, diagnostics and solutions.

Shimadzu analysers involved in the European scientists’ research projects in particular include liquid chromatography, LC-MS, material testing and life sciences.