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Quo Vadis Pharma? An Outlook from GEA

GEA Pharma GPSC CMAs scientists continue to elucidate the genomic basis of diseases such as cancer, it’s becoming increasingly possible to develop different drugs for the same condition and target patients with a specific genetic profile.

Not only will this result in the production of personalised therapeutics that will be required in smaller volumes, the manufacturing technologies involved will need to be more flexible and able to switch between producing different formulations and specialty products.

The ultimate aim is to get safer medicines to market in a more efficient and cost-effective way, and make them locally, so that everyone has access to the most efficacious pharmaceuticals, wherever they are in the world.

As we approach 2025, the development of small-scale, continuous manufacturing (CM) systems will be one of the most significant changes in the pharmaceutical industry.

Flexible development options will facilitate the commercial manufacturing process and enable greater process understanding to be achieved with smaller quantities of material.

Potential API savings of more than 60 percent and time-to-market reductions of more than a year have already been identified by companies using small-scale CM systems.

In ten years, the vast majority of tablets will be produced on CM lines that are installed in modular facilities that are a fraction of the size of current plants.

GEA’s innovation, driven by a passion for excellence, has pioneered pharmaceutical innovation and enabled industrial companies to prosper, produce extraordinary products and change people’s lives.

During interpack 2017, GEA will present an in-depth look at the future of continuous manufacturing (CM). With more than ten years of investment, research and experience, the company has pioneered the development of cutting-edge technologies to bring continuous processing to the pharmaceutical industry.

For an eye-opening view of next-generation CM solutions, stop by stand B09/B31 in hall 7a and found out how GEA is taking its customers further, faster.

“With our unparalleled history of expertise in processing oral solid dosage (OSD) forms, from pills to pellets to MUPS, and our tried and tested technologies, I am convinced that we can continue to help our customers to get their products to market faster in a cost-effective way,” said Phil Gabb, Head of Solid Dosage Sales Support of GEA’s pharma business.