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Quay Pharma Celebrates Apprentice Success

Michael Kruidenier, (centre) , Quay Pharmaceuticals, Deeside with his team of   apprentices L-R: Amy Edwards, Daniel Potter, Stacie Rogers, Shefali Pritchard, Will Warnock and Nick Weeks

Michael Kruidenier (centre), Quay Pharmaceuticals, with his team of apprentices: Amy Edwards, Daniel Potter, Stacie Rogers, Shefali Pritchard, Will Warnock and Nick Weeks.

With the launch of this year’s National Apprenticeship Week, pharmaceutical outsourcing specialist Quay Pharma says the success of its Apprenticeship Scheme has made an important contribution to the ongoing growth and development of its business.

Quay Pharma has been part of the Welsh Government’s Apprenticeship Programme since 2009 and considers apprenticeships to be a key part of its business model.  This is aptly demonstrated by the successful career progression of the first apprentice to be appointed, who following analytical training progressed to become a Senior Analyst and is now a Raw Materials Scientist with the company.  Since then, a further six apprentices have joined the scheme.

“Apprentices are an important part of the team, keen to learn and take on responsibility, and they have created positive energy throughout the company,” explains Quay Pharma CEO Maireadh Pedersen. “Hard working and enthusiastic, their introduction has had a positive motivational impact on our staff.  Not only do they help the workload by their presence, their youth and ability to offer new ideas to projects has contributed to improved productivity across the business.”

The Quay Pharma programme runs for 2 years, combining 4 days of work within the company with one day at a local Further Education college.  This gives apprentices the opportunity to gain valuable work experience alongside a level three qualification in business or laboratory techniques. Quay Pharma believes that apprenticeships can play a vital role in the long-term future of the pharmaceutical industry.

“We need to continually bring in and nurture new talent and not just at graduate level,” says Maireadh Pedersen. “Apprenticeship schemes provide a practical and cost-effective way to build a skilled workforce. The fact that our first apprentice is now forging a successful career within the business demonstrates the value that the scheme can bring to both parties, and ideally shows how an apprenticeship programme is the start of a career, not a temporary experience.”