Qu Biologics Granted European Patent for Cancer Treatment

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Qu Biologics Granted European Patent for Cancer Treatment

european_patent Qu Biologics Inc., a biotechnology company developing Site Specific Immunomodulators (SSIs) that aim to restore normal immune function in the targeted diseased organ, has announced that it has been issued European patent 2286832 for the use of bacterial compositions for the treatment of cancer.

The allowed claims of the patent cover the use of a wide range of attenuated bacterial formulations for the targeted treatment of cancers situated in a wide range of tissues, including kidney, lung, bone, colon, prostate, breast and skin. This coverage complements the coverage in Qu Biologics’ earlier broad European patent, which covers the use of killed bacterial preparations in a similarly broad range of cancers.

Dr Hal Gunn, Chief Executive Officer of Qu Biologics, commented: “Qu is a leader in the development of immunotherapies designed to restore innate immune function to treat cancer and other immune-related diseases. This important European patent and our growing international patent portfolio provide strong protection of our expanding list of clinical applications for our proprietary immunomodulators.”

Dr Gunn added: “Qu’s SSIs use killed bacterial components to stimulate the innate immune system. We believe this approach is key to addressing the underlying immune dysfunction in these important diseases, including cancer, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.”