Proyurveda Lifescience Launches World’s first ‘Proyurveda’ Healthcare Products Range

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Proyurveda Lifescience Launches World’s first ‘Proyurveda’ Healthcare Products Range

ProyurvedaProyurveda Lifescience Pvt. Ltd (PLPL), a subsidiary of Maximaa Systems Ltd (MSL), has become the world’s first ever company to bring Proyurveda, superlative health products made with a combination of probiotics and Ayurveda through a passionate ecommerce portal. Also, this marks the company’s foray into the huge market of OTC healthcare products.

Proyurveda is an advanced therapy made with a combination of probiotics (SatvaKsheera) and Ayurveda, nature’s two superpowers that heal without any side-effects. Probiotics is a supplement of gut-friendly bacteria (Lactobacillus acidophilus) that naturally occur in the intestines, and Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system of medicine.

Together, they give a never-before advantage of going beyond symptomatic relief — improving gut health and addressing the root cause of all diseases. Proyurveda not only helps to delay the ageing process, but also helps to reduce the time required for Ayurveda treatments and quicken recovery. Proyurveda products improve digestion, maintain gastric health, bowel movement, boost immunity and enhance the absorption of Ayurveda herbs, which in turns give faster results. Ayurvedic herbs stimulate the action of probiotics and in turn the probiotics enhance the activity of Ayurveda herbs by increasing the rate of absorption.

PLPL has major plans for the OTC healthcare market with a basket of Proyurveda products; the first entrant being MaxNRG, a daily energy booster to unleash your blocked energy. Undigested food, also known as ‘Ama’ is toxic for the body and causes many diseases. MaxNRG, with the help of its powerful ingredients and probiotics, digests the ‘Ama,’ improves nutrient absorption, cleans up blockages and eventually unleashes your blocked energy. Herbs like Guduchi, Pippali and Triphala, together with probiotics, help an individual to stay active and alert. Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Gokshur, Bala, Vidarikand, Bhrigraj, Drakha, Yastimadhu and Brahmi are some of the other very beneficial and effective ingredients in MaxNRG.

MaxNRG has been proven to reduce mental stress, revitalize the body, improve overall health and immunity. It also improves appetite and acts as an energizer, rejuvenator and antioxidant. MaxNRG is available in syrup as well as 100% natural vegetarian capsules. PLPL will soon be launching products for arthritis (MaxARTHO) and for piles (MaxPILO). PLPL currently operates in Mumbai and, in time, will spread across India. Products will be available with all leading chemists and be available online at company’s own ecommerce website.