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PSE ( is the world’s foremost provider of Advanced Process Modelling software and services to the process industries. Companies apply advanced process models to explore the process decision space rapidly and effectively, in order to reduce uncertainty and make better, faster and safer formulation, process design and operating decisions.

PSE provides the gPROMS FormulatedProducts modelling suite for optimising the formulation and manufacture of drug substances and drug products using mechanistic process and material models of unit operations – such as crystallization, spray drying and granulation – combined with in-vitro/vivo product performance models. 

Use of PSE’s technology and services results in faster innovation, more rapid formulation screening, improved process and product designs, enhanced operations, reduced risk, more effective R&D and experimental campaigns and better capture and transfer of corporate knowledge across the organisation.

The company is pioneering the emerging science of Systems-based Pharmaceutics with Eli Lilly, Pfizer, GSK and Roche, and is the leader of the £20.4m digital design ADDoPT project.