PeptiMimesis Secures €1.2 Million from Cap Innov’Est

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PeptiMimesis Secures €1.2 Million from Cap Innov’Est

Finance-Business-MoneyPeptiMimesis, a biopharma company dedicated to the discovery and development of therapeutic transmembrane peptides, has announced the release of the €0.5 million first tranche of a €1.2 million investment made by Cap Innov’Est, a regionally-based seed fund.

The company will use this funding to initiate its research activities on the design and characterization of transmembrane peptides. PeptiMimesis aims to rapidly identify peptide candidates acting on validated targets in oncology, immuno-oncology and autoimmune diseases.

“PeptiMimesis is a very promising start-up company in the Cap Innov’Est portfolio,” said Jean-François Rax, Investment Director at Cap Innov’Est. “It has a highly experienced team, bringing together the academic founders, with great scientific knowledge in the field, and Domain Therapeutics’ preclinical research expertise and cutting-edge technology. It also signed a collaboration agreement with IPSEN, only 6 months after incorporation. This is the ideal configuration for rapid value creation.”

“We are very pleased to see Cap Innov’Est joining the company to leverage the potential of PeptiMimesis’ platform in the identification of first-in-class therapeutic peptides,” said Marjorie Sidhoum, President of PeptiMimesis. “We welcome follow-on investments to complete this series A and further accelerate the development of this innovative therapeutic strategy.”