NetScientific Invests in Wearable Digital Health Company, Neumitra

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NetScientific Invests in Wearable Digital Health Company, Neumitra

digital health mHealthNetScientific, the biomedical and healthcare technology group, has announced its investment in Neumitra, a digital health company, developing wearable devices and smart software applications for the real-time management of stress.

Neumitra develops embedded biomodules to accurately and continuously measure how the autonomic nervous system is affected by daily stresses, to establish the relationship between brain health and performance. The company uses mobile software to link contextual data, such as events, locations, and activities, with the physiology of stress, sleep, and exercise. Their internet-based analytics platform is designed to preserve participant anonymity while uncovering health risk factors worldwide.

Research has long linked excessive stress to a host of physical and mental health concerns, from heart disease, asthma and fertility to anxiety disorders and depression. Neumitra’s mission is to quantify brain health with a validated stress score for real-time managing of symptoms, identifying their causes, and aiding users and their doctors in managing follow-on health concerns.

Neumitra’s biomodules, already available as the neuma biowatch, measure signals associated with the autonomic nervous system including heart rate, skin conductance, temperature, and physical activity to develop a library of personal and population algorithms. The company is currently licensing its biomodules to watch and jewellery manufacturers for widespread applications.

Neumitra is a portfolio company of Breakout Labs and it represents the Group’s fifth investment in a Breakout Labs portfolio company since announcing its partnership with Peter Thiel’s revolving philanthropic fund in March 2014.

Michael Boyce-Jacino, PhD, US Executive Director at NetScientific, commented: “The wearable device market is seeing rapid growth and has the potential to transform many areas of healthcare by enabling real-time tracking and management of symptoms by providing actionable feedback. Stress is an often-overlooked cause of significant healthcare and productivity costs in society which Neumitra is leading the way to better understand and address. Our investment in Neumitra further broadens our digital health portfolio, a key area of focus for the group.”

Robert Goldberg, PhD, CEO of Neumitra, added: “Whilst the robust consumer interest in fitness trackers and smart watches is exciting, we believe there isn’t a product that goes far enough to address health and performance concerns related to stress. At Neumitra, we aim to aggregate large scale analytics and insights to uncover how and when chronic stress adversely impacts the brain and body.”

“Our biomodules are giving us compelling data — with more generated every day — that is helping deepen our understanding of stress and what causes it throughout daily life demands. With a biowatch already on the market, we are now focused on incorporating our biomodules into smart devices, such as next-generation watches and jewellery, for health and wellness. NetScientific’s investment will help drive our development of applications for brain health concerns around the world,” he added.