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Neil Lawrence

Global Serialisation Champion, Global Manufacturing and Supply


Having spent my career infancy in the financial services sector with Capital one and GE money I made the choice to shift career into the Healthcare environment due to a personal interest with patient safety and cost reduction.

Neil Lawrence

I spent 6 years developing a globally recognised programme of work at the Department of Health driving the adoption of GS1 standards across the NHS. The key achievements I made in this field are still being taken further by the NHS now mainly based upon the hugely successful patient identification wristbands that I delivered. I then made the decision that to give my career path a more rounded foundation I should move into the commercial world and took my current global role at GSK.

I am responsible for subject matter expertise in all coding and serialisation matters within Global Manufacturing and Supply. I perform the linkage between central GMS and the commercial markets while also being the liaison between GSK and regulators, legislators, patient groups, trade associations, competent authorities, logistics, 3PL’s and supply chain stakeholders. I also work with key industry groups and other manufacturers to ensure solutions are fit for purpose and industry relevant.

I own a global portfolio with particular focus on the work in the US, Brazil, Saudi Arabia ,China, Korea and the European Union.