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Mark Bustard

Business Development Director, Biologics

The National Biologics Manufacturing Centre, CPI

The National Biologics Manufacturing Centre has been created by CPI with a £38M investment from the UK Government to act as a central hub for the UK’s Biologics industry, hosting key events and research projects and providing a central facility to advance innovation in the industry. Opportunities exist for work with companies through collaborative grant funding or commercial fee for service projects.

The state-of-the-art facility is equipped with advanced technologies for upstream and downstream processing, high throughput process development, comprehensive analytical characterisation and capabilities for the formulation, fill and finish. The facility has over 700m2 of flexible laboratories designed to handle mammalian, microbial, and virus systems. We can run whole bioprocess development programmes as well as developing “GMP ready” processes in a series of clean rooms. The flexible design of the facility enables equipment expansion and reconfiguration to support specific projects.

We collaborate with large corporates, SME’s, academia and charities to enable the delivery of innovative manufacturing solutions to accelerate the growth of new and emerging biological medicines. Through these collaborations, we develop, prove and commercialise innovative new processes and technologies that enable the cost-effective, safe and high-quality manufacture of life changing biologic therapies. 

The expertise is focussed on three key themes:

  • Innovative processes and technologies
  • New and improved analytical technologies
  • Process development for novel products and formulations