Magnesium Elektron Launches New Biomedical Solutions Using Magnesium Alloys

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Magnesium Elektron Launches New Biomedical Solutions Using Magnesium Alloys

Magnesium ElektronMagnesium Elektron, a global materials technology company specialising in the design and manufacture of high performance materials, has announced the launch of magnesium for its first biomedical applications.

The use of the bioresorbable material, specifically Magnesium Elektron’s revolutionary Synermag magnesium alloy, in CE approved, cardiovascular applications has been announced.

This and a wide variety of potential pharmaceutical and biomedical applications are detailed in two new publications available to download here.

Magnesium Elektron has worked in mission-critical applications in nuclear and aerospace industries; these new biomedical applications mark the first proven and tested uses in a new and buoyant industry segment.

Globally the medical implants market in 2016 was worth $200 billion, with the global orthopaedics medical device market projected to reach a value of $41.2 billion by 2019.  Magnesium Elektron invested $2.5 million in establishing a dedicated manufacturing facility.  This complex, named the SynerMag Technology Centre, achieved ISO 13485 certification in 2014, an internationally recognised quality standard for medical devices.

A new whitepaper entitled “Using Metallic Bioresorbable Magnesium Alloys in Medical Devices” discusses the benefits of magnesium for numerous biomedical applications and its advantages compared with materials including titanium and steel, and other bioresorbable materials such as polymers, for use as bioresorbable implants with applications that have the potential to revolutionise the use of implants in the orthopaedics medical devices industry.

Magnesium Elektron also explores its partnership with BIOTRONIK, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cardio and endovascular medical devices in a new case study (Pioneering magnesium alloy developed by Magnesium Elektron features in BIOTRONIK’s bioresorbable coronary scaffold).

This case study focuses on how the two companies partnered from concept through to commercial scale-up and production, with the result being the Magmaris magnesium scaffold, used to treat stenotic areas of the coronary arteries.

“We are very pleased to have produced a bioresorbable magnesium alloy that provides biocompatibility and biosafety, which can be used in multiple applications, as detailed in our new whitepaper,” commented Graham Wardlow, Managing Director at Magnesium Elektron.

“We are also proud of our industry achievements to date, with our SynerMag 410 magnesium alloy being used as the platform material in BIOTRONIK’S Magmaris scaffold. This has already been successfully used to treat patients in Germany, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Brazil, New Zealand and Singapore since its launch in the summer of 2016.”

The whitepaper and case study are now available to download on the Magnesium Elektron website.

Details of new applications are detailed in both the whitepaper and case study.  Magnesium Elektron is keen to hear from potential partners who would like to explore the use of magnesium alloys in their pharmaceutical or biomedical applications.