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Live Cell Super-Resolution Microscopy from GE Healthcare

omx sr GE HealthcareThe DeltaVision OMX SR system from GE Healthcare’s Life Sciences business is a compact multimode imaging platform that delivers super-resolution images of live cells, for physiologically relevant results. DeltaVision OMX SR is designed to ensure precision alignment and stability for reliable super-resolution imaging. Its stable multichannel imaging has been specifically optimized to provide high-quality images for advanced microscopy applications.

DeltaVision OMX SR enables exceptional detail to be obtained from small, dim, and live samples compared to conventional widefield and confocal microscopes. It provides a two-fold improvement in spatial resolution in the X, Y, and Z directions compared with standard and confocal microscopy, while supporting users’ existing protocols and fluorophores. Proven 2D and 3D-SIM technology allows cell viability to be preserved for longer, and fast imaging (up to 15 fps) enables improved live imaging of dynamic cell events. The DeltaVision OMX SR also offers TIRF, wide-field, and localization microscopy capabilities.

DeltaVision OMX SR offers:

  •  Multiple lasers to support a wide range of fluorescent dyes and proteins
  • Up to four sCMOS cameras with high-sensitivity and speed (up to 400 fps in widefield mode)
  • Up to 15 fps imaging speed enables live imaging of dynamic cell processes
  • Enclosed system, eliminating the need for a dedicated darkroom
  • Enhanced resolution through 3D SIM in the X, Y, and Z directions
  • Dynamic super-resolution imaging with 2D SIM and 2D SIM-TIRF imaging modes
  • Localization microscopy option, with exclusive 2D multi-emitter fitting algorithms for molecular imaging.


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