KMR Group’s Clinical Benchmarking Dataset Reaches 25,000 Trials

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KMR Group’s Clinical Benchmarking Dataset Reaches 25,000 Trials

data-recordsKMR Group, a leader in biopharmaceutical R&D performance analytics, announces a significant milestone in their clinical performance dataset: reaching more than 25,000 clinical trials and encompassing over 400,000 sites. The company’s expanding client base and product offerings prompted the increase.

As clinical trial complexity increases and geographic scope is broadened, biopharmaceutical companies and CROs increasingly need access to performance information beyond their own past performance.  The need for vetted clinical trial performance data has also grown as these companies strive to conduct more efficient clinical trials. Utilizing industry performance helps the companies to evaluate clinical trial performance and aid in trial, enrolment and site planning.

KMR Group’s clinical dataset provides industry data at the trial level, site level and individual site level. All companies accessing the Industry dataset must submit their own trial and site performance details to compare their performance as well as have access to industry results. The data is used in reports, benchmarking studies as well as online applications. With clinical applications ranging from the trial performance planning tool Cycle Time Metrix Application to the individual site performance and ranking Site Scorecard Application, using precision analytics for planning and evaluating trial and site performance has never been easier.

KMR Group attributes the quality and depth of performance information as a key differentiator of their company enabling more sophisticated analysis and precision analytics since unlike many providers using public data, the KMR Group data is proprietary.

“Any company looking to use data for purposes of performance evaluation and decision making wants to be confident in the source of that information, as it can have tremendous implications on cost and time. This impressive milestone is reflective of the confidence placed in KMR Group by our clients,” commented Linda Martin, KMR Group President and founder. Current clients subscribed to KMR Group’s CORE Enrollment or Cycle Time Metrix applications have immediate access to the larger industry dataset. Companies interested in licensing the applications are encouraged to contact KMR Group.