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Jenny Yu

Senior Underwriter, Special Enterprise Risks

Munich Re

Jenny is a Senior Underwriter for Munich Re Group, a world leading insurance group. Jenny has over 10 years’ experience in risk financing solutions for corporate clients with a successful track record for product innovation, business development and transacting complex deals both on a strategic and an execution level.

Jenny specializes in providing bespoke risk financing solutions for the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industry and has extensive knowledge of the key US FDA/EMA regulations in manufacturing and new drug approval. She and her team have developed the “first-of-its-kind” insurance solution for Regulatory Shutdown as result of GMP non-compliance and manufacturing deficiencies, for the E2E supply chain covering both company owned facilities and 3rd party dependencies. In doing so, Munich Re has created a comprehensive database of major supply interruption incidents including regulatory shutdown events, site inspection histories, and GMP deviations. This data is both used in risk assessment and supporting risk improvement for the clients.

Prior to Munich Re, Jenny was a founding member of a start-up insurance intermediary.

Born in China and educated in China, the UK, and the US; Jenny has a Master’s degree in Business Management and recently completed an MBA course in the Business of Biopharma.