I Holland Troubleshoots Tablet Tooling Problems at Industry Seminar

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I Holland Troubleshoots Tablet Tooling Problems at Industry Seminar

I Holland XDF AProfessionals from the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries will participate in a seminar discussing tablet tooling problems and how to overcome them with I Holland hosting a seminar from 4-5 November to discuss the most common problems that affect tablet manufacturers.

The two-day course is designed to identify and address common problems encountered during modern tablet production: from punch and die design, to tooling specification and aftercare.

The seminar will include a discussion on the most common tablet manufacturing problems and tablet tooling failures and how these issues can be resolved through simple procedures, which will result in a quality end product.

Andy Dumelow said: “The seminar is the ideal way for I Holland to troubleshoot any tablet tooling problems that professionals may come across, whether that’s a difficult granule that causes sticking, picking or capping, inappropriate tablet design and tablet press set up to poor maintenance procedures. There will also be practical demonstrations and workshops with the I Holland experts, so attendees can see first-hand how, by adopting the steps discussed, tablet manufacturers will increase productivity effectively.”

He added: “This is the second time this year we’ve  run the seminar and we welcome professionals from around the world who want to find out the best possible procedures to produce a quality tablet. We will share our expertise and experience on the matter and remedy the most common tablet production problems with simple solutions.”

The seminar demonstrates how tool life can be maximized by adopting I Holland’s recommended professional maintenance and storage programme, the PharmaCare 7-Step Process, which has been adopted by many companies around the world as a Standard Operating Procedure.

If you would like to attend or require further information contact  info@iholland.co.uk.