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I Holland Makes Tool Management Easy

Tool Management SystemSince the launch of I Holland’s IH-TMS Tool Management System, enquiries for the software, which allows proactive monitoring of tool rotations and tooling inventory and maintenance, have been very positive.

In pharmaceutical manufacturing, the importance of efficiency and accuracy in managing and monitoring tooling is paramount. Without a system that controls the procedure effectively there can be adverse effects to the bottom line.

Andy Dumelow, I Holland’s PharmaCare Product Manager said: “IH-TMS software has been specifically developed to maintain efficient, well-organized and in-depth monitoring of tablet production. It has been created for manufacturers to have a complete audit trail on tooling usage and maintenance, which is obviously important in tablet manufacture. Since introducing it to the market just a few short months ago, we have received enquiries from companies around the world looking at ways of improving their current system.”

“IH-TMS was specifically designed to incorporate the flexibility of using any language, including characters used in, for example, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and Russian, making it truly diverse in its capability to provide management system for tooling globally,” he added.

The standalone system allows tablet manufacturers to keep a record of tablet quantities by number of tablets, work order or batch information to ensure production is run efficiently. It also incorporates an in-depth guide to tooling specification and troubleshooting, so any problems flagged up by the IH-TMS can be rectified.

In addition, it has the capability to archive tablet and tool images and drawings and incorporates an alarm to alert users of any problems including over compression, tooling replacements or when maintenance is required.