Hydrosol: An Extensive Portfolio of Stabilizing Systems for Vegetarian and Sausage Products

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Hydrosol: An Extensive Portfolio of Stabilizing Systems for Vegetarian and Sausage Products

hot dogAt this year’s IFFA, the leading international trade fair for meat processing, Hydrosol, a specialist in stabilisation solutions for meat and sausage products, will present many new product ideas. The focus will be on stabilizing systems for the simple and economical manufacture of meat products, as well as vegetarian and vegan alternatives. Interested visitors can discuss individual solutions with Hydrosol at Booth D70 in Hall 4.

As an expert on international poultry applications, Hydrosol offers a wide range of stabilizing systems for poultry products such as cold cuts, sausages, nuggets and similar items. This includes functional systems that reduce the production cost of poultry sausages. Their ingredient combinations make possible recipes that give high quality final products with reduced meat content. Hydrosol also develops individual solutions to customer order. In addition, the company offers stabilizing systems for the special requirements of Halal products.

Another focus is the manufacture of cooked ham specialities, ranging from cost-optimized to premium quality recipes. These stabilizing systems improve water binding, shaping and sliceability. Even at higher yields, the final products have minimal syneresis and an appetizing appearance.

Hydrosol’s functional systems for the cost-optimized production of wieners and hot dogs are likewise centred on economy. They let manufacturers adjust protein, fat and water phase to suit, resulting in firm sausages that have a stable structure even after heating, with individual meat, fast and water contents.

To meet the growing demand for vegetarian and vegan products, Hydrosol has developed the new HydroTOP VEG all-in compound with a mild basic seasoning. This remarkable integrated compound can be used to make many different meatless products, from vegetarian sausages to Bavarian style meatloaf to a meatless ground product that can be used in all sorts of applications.

For large-scale users such as cafeterias and caterers, semi-finished ground products in piece or preground form provide the basis for many different foods. Industrial manufacturers can use them to make a wide range of vegetarian retail items, such as vegetarian sauce bolognaise. The ground products feature a familiar pleasing bite and an authentic mouthfeel, have a balanced flavour profile and appetizing colour, and are easy to make.

Hydrosol also provides all-in vegan solutions for cold cuts. They contain all the components of the overall formulation, including a mild basic seasoning that can be enhanced as desired. The texture of the resulting meatless cold cuts is absolutely comparable with bologna or mortadella, and allows for problem-free slicing with conventional slicers.