Helsinn Advanced Synthesis Wins Across All Categories at 2017 CMO Leadership Awards

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Helsinn Advanced Synthesis Wins Across All Categories at 2017 CMO Leadership Awards

Cup Award Winner Gold Success Profit Victory SuccessfulHelsinn, the pharmaceutical group focused on building quality cancer care products, announces that its Swiss manufacturing company, Helsinn Advanced Synthesis SA, has for the third year running received awards at the CMO Leadership Awards, which recognise the leading contract manufacturing organisations based on real customer feedback conducted by Industry Standard Research.

CMO Leadership award winners in the past have included Abbvie, Pfizer Centresource and GlaxoSmithKline among other high quality and highly regarded organisations. 

This year Helsinn won six categories: Quality, Reliability, Capabilities, Expertise, Compatibility and Development for the Overall group, which combines both small and big pharma.

Helsinn’s quality, expertise and commitment to its clients were recognised and highlighted at the presentation of the CMO Leadership Awards on 22 March 2017 at the W Hotel, Lexington Avenue, New York.

As a recipient of the awards, Helsinn is also featured in the annual Life Science Leader‘s award supplement which is an important resource for sponsors and CMOs alike. 

Riccardo Braglia, Helsinn Group Vice Chairman and CEO, commented: “The criteria for CMO Leadership Awards mirror Helsinn Group’s own core values of quality, integrity and respect. It is a great honour and pleasing that Helsinn has been recognised for our continued commitment to improving our manufacturing process that in turn help to improve the everyday lives of cancer patients.”  

Waldo Mossi, Helsinn Advanced Synthesis’ General Manager, said: “We are delighted to have won across categories at this prestigious awards ceremony. The CMO Leadership Awards recognise the highest manufacturing quality globally and are respected amongst industry peers making this even more pleasing.”

Industry Standard Research takes great pride in conducting the research for Life Science Leader‘s CMO Awards, sourced from real experiences of industry peers during a period of 18 months.” 

Andrew Schafer, President of Industry Standard Research, commented: “We strive to provide valuable experiential feedback from real customers on their involvement with contract suppliers. Our stringent screening process and high calibre criteria mean that we collect feedback from only the most reliable and qualified sources to provide key insight for ISR research users.”