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Goodbye Bad Bacteria, Hello Better Air

IMG_3009We all know that poor outdoor air quality causes immune health problems. But what about indoor air? The same applies.

You’ve heard of sick building syndrome. And doubtless you’ve felt tired or listless in an office, other public space or even at home. Or you may have allergies or asthma, meaning purity of air is vital.

Our modern buildings, often sealed off from fresh air, allow bad bacteria to multiply, leading to illness, bad smells, moulds and allergens. But what can be done about it? Filter the air, add chemicals to it or condition it? Is that still the best way to combat the cause of the problem?

At Better Air we think not. You’ve heard of adding probiotics to your digestive system, by eating yoghurts such as Actimel or Yakult, or in tablet form. A simple and effective idea, the good probiotic bacteria drive out the harmful bad bacteria. Now you can do the same with air.

Here’s a simple way to improve your air quality, by injecting good probiotic bacteria into your indoor space as a mist. The misters are either handheld pumps, or an electronic version. The good bacteria get into every nook and cranny, literally. They cover all surfaces, invisibly. They occupy the bad bacteria’s living space, and with nowhere to live or multiply, they die out. Goodbye mould, bad odours, allergens.

The mist is totally safe: pure water and tiny quantities of probiotic bacteria. It’s colourless, odourless and preservative- and chemical-free; a 100% green solution to a worsening problem.

How do we know it works? Solid scientific research proves it. You can read more at

Perhaps the best thing about Better Air’s BioZone Probiotics is that it removes the need for chemicals to combat bacteria. Recently, much has been made of microbial resistance to chemicals. They don’t work as well as they used to. Many people are reluctant to allow any chemical based products into their homes, precisely because of worries about their ineffectiveness, and adverse allergic reactions.

With Better Air, no concern is necessary. No chemicals are used. No allergic reactions to worry about. Just better indoor air. Better Air is suitable for any indoor environment. Use electronic version BA-008 safely in your home or workplace, or use the travel sprays for hotels, trains, planes, or your car.