GLG Launches P-Pro Plus: A Revolutionary Plant-Based Hyporallergic Protein Solution

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GLG Launches P-Pro Plus: A Revolutionary Plant-Based Hyporallergic Protein Solution

pea-proteinGLG Life Tech Corporation, a global leader in the agricultural and commercial development of high-quality zero-calorie natural sweeteners, is pleased to announce, in partnership with Mycotechnology Corporation (MycoTech), the launch of P-Pro Plus, a revolutionary product that complements the many benefits of pea protein with a groundbreaking 100% natural and USDA Organic certified bitter blocker, ClearTaste, to offer a pea protein without any of the taste profile issues many food, beverage, and dietary supplement manufacturers experience with pea protein by itself.

Pea protein has recently drawn a lot of attention for being highly sustainable, vegan, vegetarian-friendly, hypoallergenic, a good source of amino acids, easy to digest and a good alternative to soy protein products. Pea protein promotes not only its protein content, but also fibre, vitamins and minerals.

As a legume, peas return nitrogen to the soil and are considered to be a highly sustainable food source. Increased demand for more sustainable protein globally and more vegan and allergen-free options is driving development of more plant-based protein sources.

Pea protein products can replace a significant percentage of other proteins in many applications and can offer cost savings. Furthermore, pea protein isolate can replace soy isolate on a weight-for-weight basis without a negative organoleptic impact.

Adding plant protein sources to food and beverage applications presents some challenges, however, such as a change in flavour profile of the finished product. The number one challenge faced by food and beverage formulators introducing or transitioning their products to include plant-based proteins, such as pea protein, remains balancing the benefits of these natural ingredients with a taste profile that appeals to the mainstream palate.

The partnership between GLG and MycoTech overcomes this challenge, providing food, beverage and sport supplement companies the ability to produce natural healthful products without the bitter taste profile and off-notes that are traditionally associated with pea protein.

P-Pro Plus offers not only the many benefits of regular pea protein, but also a taste profile that formulators and consumers alike will appreciate. We expect that this improved taste profile will broaden market appeal, reach new product segments and result in deeper market penetration of pea protein. P-Pro Plus is available in both conventional and organic varieties and in various mesh sizes and protein purity levels and can be tailored to your individual product needs.

GLG’s President and CFO, Brian Meadows, said: “We are pleased to launch this innovative pea protein product in partnership with MycoTech. Plant-based proteins have proven to be a large and growing market. Our innovative product brings significant potential for greater consumer interest in products containing our P-Pro Plus pea protein. Our joint product development focus is to bring better tasting and better-for-you natural ingredients to the marketplace, and we expect to bring many additional better tasting natural products to the market in the coming months.”