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Evaluate CRO Performance with CRO Metrix

Contract Services OutsourcingKMR Group, a leader in biopharmaceutical R&D performance analytics, announces their newest online clinical trial performance application, CRO Metrix, is now live.  The tool helps clinical research organizations and sponsor biopharmaceutical companies to assess the performance of CROs.

Addressing outsourcing performance is increasingly necessary as more clinical trial components are being outsourced. Both sponsor companies and CROs need to know performance expectations, which helps to plan trial timelines and accuracy in proposals. While certain differences in outsourced work compared with internal are to be expected, having a foundation in proven performance has been difficult to acquire.

CRO Metrix, the new application from KMR Group, uses a foundation of thousands of recent trials both insourced and outsourced to provide clients with realistic timelines for clinical trial processes and related metrics. The tool answers common outsourcing related questions e.g. what timelines are realistic for certain processes, including key performance drivers such as study startup or report writing, by phase and disease among other criteria.

Besides answering specific questions that may be of interest to trial planners, the tool also addresses what is on many minds in the industry: how does performance differ across sponsor versus CRO conducted trials? As clinical trial complexity increases and geographic scope is broadened, the type of information available in CRO Metrix may just help both sponsors and CROs improve overall trial performance to help facilitate moving critical new therapies to market faster.

“Utilizing recent outsourced and internal trials, along with KMR Group’s proven methodology the possibilities for employing CRO Metrix are quite impressive,” commented Scott Martin, Principal at KMR Group. “Anyone involved with outsourced trial planning would find viewing their performance and Industry performance highly invaluable.”