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ERT Clinical Trial Oversight Selected by Premier Research

clinical trialERT, a global data and technology company that minimises risk and uncertainty in clinical trials, has announced that Premier Research, a leading clinical development service provider, has selected ERT’s Trial Oversight suite as its trial management solution.

Clinical trials are becoming increasingly complex, owing in part to an array of circumstances including the use of multiple data capture modalities and the need to evaluate more study endpoints than ever before.

Additionally, global trials continue to be managed by a growing number of stakeholders, which heightens risks and uncertainties. Sponsors and CROs that leverage ERT’s trial management solutions can simplify these complexities, prevent trial delays and improve operational efficiencies to accelerate the clinical development process.

Through ERT’s clinical trial management solution, Premier Research is enhancing collaboration with its customers by improving day-to-day operational workflows across study teams. Powered by ERT’s EXPERT technology platform, the solution enables Premier Research to deliver real-time access to data analytics, key performance metrics and milestone tracking.

It also delivers ease of electronic Monitoring Visit Reports (eMVR), so customers can effectively oversee their trials and work together with Premier to identify and mitigate risks.

“ERT has developed an automated approach to study workflows and data aggregation that minimises data duplication and human error, providing greater visibility and granularity to our study teams and customers,” said Simon Britton COO, Premier Research. “Our customers are some of the top innovators in biotech and specialty pharma, and this solution will facilitate their development of life-changing treatments and help make them available to patients more quickly.”

“We applaud Premier’s commitment to eliminate reactive, manual processes and transition to a more efficient and collaborative approach – all of which are essential to accelerating clinical research in today’s complex trial landscape,” said James Corrigan, President and CEO, ERT

“We’re confident that this shift will further enable Premier to collaborate with sponsors and partners, minimise risks, and proactively address the inevitable complexities that arise during the process.”