Ensure Moisture-Analysis Accuracy with New Enhanced Process Security

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Ensure Moisture-Analysis Accuracy with New Enhanced Process Security

mettler toledo logoMETTLER TOLEDO’s firmware version 2.20 for its Excellence Moisture Analysers HX204 and HS153 allows individual methods assignment to ensure users follow SOPs and avoid mistakes. This added level of security saves time and helps to eliminate costly rework.

Moisture measurement is a necessary process step in many lab and production applications. However, choosing the right method is paramount to success. Selecting an inappropriate measurement method can cause costly errors, and poor selection may occur more often in situations when multiple persons use the same equipment.

Rare or expensive substances are wasted and production may even be stopped based on the inaccurate result. Obtaining additional test samples can further hold up production.

To improve processing and ensure SOPs are followed, METTLER TOLEDO has added enhanced user-rights assignment capabilities to the firmware embedded on its Excellence Moisture Analysers HX204 and HS153.

Method-assignment ensures that users only have access to the methods they need. In addition, the firmware allows shortcuts to be set up from a dedicated menu. This eliminates the time it takes to choose from a long list of methods and enables one-click initiation for better process security and productivity.

With the update, SmartCal testing temperatures can also be assigned to users. This ensures that routine testing is also done accurately for additional process enhancement. The ability to connect to a network via Ethernet or WiFi also improves traceability by allowing a user to print test results on any dedicated network printer or catalogue them on file servers.

A freely configurable print strip allows operators to customise how results are displayed to create the most helpful documentation at the analyser as well.

Overall, firmware 2.20 further enhances METTLER TOLEDO’s top-line moisture analysers, which are known for delivering unmatched performance for applications requiring high measurement precision (with up to 0.1 mg readability for HX204). High precision for both the HX204 and HS153 are enabled by an innovative hanging weighing pan and METTLER TOLEDO weighing cell. An intuitive interface and the upgrade of user-rights management helps to guarantee error-free operation.

Additionally, consistent documentation allows both the HX204 and HS153 to fulfil operational demands for traceable measurement quality. Learn more about how METTLER TOLEDO moisture analysers can help you obtain measurement accuracy in the lab or production environment or download the latest firmware for HX204 or HS153.