DSM Claims Silver at the 2015 Cannes Corporate Media and TV Awards

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DSM Claims Silver at the 2015 Cannes Corporate Media and TV Awards

Royal_DSM logoDSM has been honoured with two Silver awards at the prestigious Cannes event for its films, “The Unsung Heroes of Science” in the Corporate Films category and “Hidden Hunger” in the Informational Films category.

DSM partnered with the creative agency 1Camera to produce “The Unsung Heroes of Science,” which highlights the importance of science in today’s society and pays tribute to the scientists who dedicate their lives to developing new technologies to improve lives. Meanwhile, DSM partnered with Media Facilities to produce “Hidden Hunger,” which puts the spotlight on the grave global issue of micronutrient deficiency and the work that can be done to prevent it. The awards were presented to DSM at the Awards Gala Dinner at the Palm Beach Casino in Cannes, France.

Jos van Haastrecht, Director of Global Brand, Digital and Communications, comments: “The short film “The Unsung Heroes of Science,” was produced as part of a campaign to champion the inspirational scientists whose work and dedication has a real, positive impact on our global society.”

He adds: “Bright Science is the backbone of our company and we hope the film will spread the word that science can really make a difference, by helping tackle our global challenges and leading to the development of a healthier and more sustainable future.”

DSM wants to start a conversation with the general public, opinion leaders, governments, business, customers and other stakeholders about the importance of science with societal purpose. For more information, visit www.sciencecanchangetheworld.org.

The film “Hidden Hunger” was developed to raise awareness of global micronutrient deficiency, a prominent issue that affects about one third of the world’s population. It is mostly prevalent in developing countries and in diets that mainly consist of staples like rice, bread or corn. Although often invisible, hidden hunger has a significant negative impact on health, development and economic well-being.

Anthony Hehir, Director, Nutrition Improvement Programme at DSM, comments: “As part of the fight against hidden hunger, DSM’s Nutrition Improvement Programme works to develop safe, affordable and nutritious products of the highest quality, tailored to the needs of people in the developing world.”

He continues: “Nutritional deficiencies start early, during the first 1000 days of life, from the start of a mother’s pregnancy and the child’s second birthday. This film highlights the devastating impact hidden hunger can have in the long-term for both individuals and society, and how we can work to tackle this.”

An example of DSM’s successful solutions to combat hidden hunger are its widely used micronutrient powders, which can be sprinkled over meals and are easy to use, without altering food’s colour or taste. DSM can also fortify both staples and processed food such as snacks and beverages, as well as produce tailor-made solutions for people with specific needs. Leading global economists suggest that improving nutrition is the best investment that can be made in global health and development.

This year’s Cannes Corporate Media and TV Awards were highly competitive with a record number of 772 entries around the world and from a variety of industries. More than 60 jury members consisting of film experts and professionals in marketing and communication reviewed the entered works.