Cresset Corporate Rebrand Reflects New Structure for Growing Company

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Cresset Corporate Rebrand Reflects New Structure for Growing Company

Logos_Corporate_Software_Discovery Services_Re-PharmCresset, an innovative provider of software and contract research services for small molecule discovery and design, is pleased to announce a corporate rebrand, reflecting a new structure for this growing business.

“Cresset has grown dramatically since I joined as CEO in 2010, with a tripling of annual income during this period” says Dr Robert Scoffin, CEO of Cresset. “This new visual identity formalises our structure into three divisions, reflecting the markets we serve and creating the conditions for even greater future growth.”

Cresset Software: Innovative Science — Intuitive Software
The world’s leading research organisations use Cresset software on a daily basis to solve challenges in small molecule discovery, design and optimisation.

“Our innovative science is delivered in a range of intuitive software for computational and medicinal chemists,” says Dr Tim Cheeseright, Director of Products. “Our passion for the continual development of the Cresset science and technology is reflected in the loyalty of our customers and strong business growth. Our software delivers results that our customers rely on.”

 Cresset Discovery Services: Make the Molecules That Matter
Cresset Discovery Services manages and delivers fully integrated outsourced computational chemistry programmes from early to late stage discovery. In the last decade they have delivered hundreds of projects to clients ranging from small biotechs to pharmaceutical giants.

“We help chemists to understand as much as possible about the systems they are working on,” explains Dr David Bardsley, Commercial Director. “This enables our clients to save time and money by directing their scientific resources in the direction most likely to succeed and towards the molecules that matter.”

Re-Pharm: Smarter Drug Reprofiling
Re-Pharm combines expert scientific insight with proven computational technology to identify and progress existing compounds that are suitable candidates for reprofiling against new disease indications.

“Re-Pharm demonstrates the power of Cresset software for rapidly identifying compounds, such as RP0217, that are likely to be active against disease targets,” says Dr Robert Scoffin, CEO of Re-Pharm and Cresset. “We have been granted patents on and are currently licensing  RP0217 for respiratory and ophthalmic indications.”