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Exostar is a leader in cloud based identity management powering secure business-to-business information sharing, collaboration and business process integration through every phase of the research, discovery and supply chain workflows. We help our customers deliver better results by maximizing the value of their research, development and collaboration investments.

Exostar’s secure single sign-on solution (SSO) allows users to connect once and access all their colleagues, partners, suppliers and customers faster and more securely through the cloud. By facilitating greater collaboration and easier connectivity with critical applications Exostar helps our customers utilize and protect their intellectual property, streamline the partner lifecycle, facilitate new engagements, and expedite all phases of their supply chain.

Originally developed to support the largest companies in the Aerospace and Defense industry, our platform delivers inherent security at all levels for customers who need the flexibility of a cloud infrastructure, but simply can’t compromise on security. Today Exostar improves research collaboration, information sharing, and supply chain management for over 100,000 companies including some of the largest players in defense, pharmaceuticals, life science and banking.