Centauri Therapeutics Extends Research Partnership with Peakdale Molecular

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Centauri Therapeutics Extends Research Partnership with Peakdale Molecular

Recruitment Hire AppointmentPeakdale Molecular Limited, a UK-based provider of drug discovery services to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, has signed an agreement to extend its research collaboration with Centauri Therapeutics, a UK-based biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of novel molecules targeting life threatening diseases.

Peakdale provides synthetic and analytical chemistry expertise for the continued development of Centauri’s Alphamer platform. Alphamer technology is based on programmable immunity in which chemically synthesized molecules redirect naturally occurring antibodies to selected pathogens to fight infection.

The molecules have two distinct parts: one end binds a cell-surface target on the pathogen using an aptamer, whereas the other end presents specific epitopes that attach to circulating antibodies. It has been demonstrated that Alphamers have the potential to redirect pre-existing antibodies to bacteria in a specific manner and trigger an immediate antibacterial immune response, so clearing the infection.

Centauri acquired the Alphamer platform following the publication of a successful preclinical proof of principle study and continues to build the platform and drug discovery expertise necessary to exploit the exciting new approach. Centauri has been working closely with Peakdale’s experience team of chemists to synthesise and analyse the optimal linker for each bioconjugated Alphamer/aptamer.

Commenting on Centauri’s collaboration with Peakdale, Dr Mike Westby, CEO of Centauri, said: “We have been delighted with the rapid progress made in the development of our Alphamer platform, with Peakdale chemists making a significant contribution to meeting our ambitious and demanding scientific objectives. We look forward to continuing to work with Peakdale in this new phase of the project.”

Dr Paul Doyle, COO of Peakdale, commented: “Centauri is operating in an exciting area in which expertise in complex synthetic and analytical chemistry is a key component. We are delighted that the decades of experience Peakdale has acquired combined with our partnership approach has demonstrated the value working with Peakdale can provide.”