Bespak Launches Syrina 2.25 Auto-Injector and Leads Innovation Workshop at PDA Europe

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Bespak Launches Syrina 2.25 Auto-Injector and Leads Innovation Workshop at PDA Europe

Bespak Auto-InjectorBespak, the leading, global drug delivery company, is pleased to announce the launch of Syrina 2.25 at PDA Europe 2015. Moreover, Steven Kaufman, Global Business Development Lead at the company, will chair a one-day specialized industry discussion on innovative combinational products at a workshop taking place during the renowned PDA Europe 2015 Universe of Prefilled Syringes and Injection Devices in Vienna, Austria.

Key focus areas to be addressed at the workshop include advanced technologies in the field of self-injection devices, ranging from auto-, pen, bolus and wearable injectors through to pumps. Above all, the event will focus on how innovation in the design of combination products will help to overcome industry challenges, improve compliance and enhance the patient experience.

Moreover, the discussion will focus on insights into how primary containers, such as prefilled syringes and cartridges, both in plastic and in glass form, can be effectively integrated into such devices. Overcoming challenges and implementing effective approaches for successfully taking combinational products to market also forms a significant part of the workshop’s agenda.

Leading biopharmaceutical companies and related suppliers are set to take part in the workshop and will share industry experiences and discuss the technology behind devices used in today’s growing field of combination products.

Bespak has chosen this event to launch the latest addition to the Syrina product range, Syrina 2.25. This new product will highlight how flexible the technology is, directly addressing the need for higher volume and higher viscous solutions. The Syrina range of self-injection devices, which span assisted syringes with needle safety features through to fully functioning auto-injectors, all utilize Bespak’s proven VapourSoft powerpack system.

Commenting on Bespak’s involvement in chairing the workshop, Steven Kaufman commented: “We are pleased to have this opportunity to lead industry discussion on the transformational impact, for the drug delivery device sector and for patients, of innovation in the field of combinational products. Indeed, at Bespak, we are committed to the development of advanced, problem solving technology and therefore welcome this forum for sharing insights. The PDA is a great organization and provides us with an excellent forum.”

Remarking on the launch of Syrina 2.25, Steven Kaufman said: “We are also excited to unveil our newest addition to the Syrina offering. This new product will be available for exclusive demo in Vienna and to biopharmaceutical companies that would like to conduct studies to learn more about the technology first hand.  We look forward to the Vienna event.”

About Steven Kaufman: Steven R. Kaufman has been active in the combination product industry for more than ten years and has had significant involvement with related associations including PDA, DDP and Pharmapack. Based in North America, he is responsible for business development activities for Bespak related to injectable devices, including auto-injectors and bolus injection systems.

A member of the company’s commercial team, he works actively with the Bespak innovation organisation in Cambridge, UK, which designs and develops advanced drug delivery devices, and in Kings Lynn, UK, where the products are manufactured. Steven has a biopharmaceuticals background, broad experience in the drug delivery device field, and is involved with strategic alliances with related suppliers. He is author and co-author of several articles related to the self-injection industry.