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Andrew Share

Director Program Delivery, Advanced Manufacturing Technologies


Program Delivery Director within the Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (AMT) team. This team is responsible for delivering a long-term strategic change to the way GSK manufactures medicines.


Andrew started his career as a Synthetic Chemist in Tonbridge before moving to first Harlow then Stevenage. In 2005 he moved into the Stevenage Chemical pilot and having held a number of senior roles within the pilot plant were made plant director in 2011. In 2013 Andrew joined the Advanced Manufacturing Technology team looking at the design of a facility that supports AMT through the integration of new technologies into the clinical supply chain.

In 2015 Andrew was seconded onto the Medicines Manufacturing Industry Partnership before returning to GSK in 2016 to lead teams located in both the UK and Singapore. Andrew has a PhD in Synthetic Organic Chemistry from the university of Nottingham.