AlgaeLife Announces the World’s First Organic Astaxanthin Crop

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AlgaeLife Announces the World’s First Organic Astaxanthin Crop

Astaxanthin powderAlgae Life Sciences, Inc. (AlgaeLife), a subsidiary of BGG, has announced today its Haematococcus pluvialis crop has obtained organic certification by Ecocert, an organic certifying agency based in France.

Haematococcus pluvialis is well known for its high content of the strong antioxidant, astaxanthin, and is the starting material AlgaeLife uses for the production of its AstaZine product line. This landmark achievement comes after a long-term product development project and heavy investment to become the world’s first organically produced Astaxanthin.

“AlgaeLife and our parent company BGG pride ourselves on product quality and innovation” said Joe Huff, CEO of AlgaeLife’s North American operation. “This pinnacle achievement for our flagship product AstaZine Natural Astaxanthin will be very exciting for cutting edge companies that target the organic market.”

Christian Artaria, global CMO of BGG and CEO of BGG’s European operation based in Switzerland echoed Mr Huff’s sentiment. “The organic market is growing quickly in Europe and North America. The organic certification of our Haematococcus pluvialis crop differentiates our astaxanthin from anyone in the market place and answers to an unmet need of our customers and end users.”

Organic labelling laws vary from country to country, but even in most of the toughest regulatory environments, brands featuring AstaZine will be able to claim “Astaxanthin from organic Haematococcus pluvialis” on their labels. “While brands will have to check on their local regulations, we’re confident that in most markets, our customers can now launch our astaxanthin informing their end user that the product they are getting is made starting from organic material,” said Mr Huff. “We’re currently looking at emerging delivery methods that will allow brands to use a Certified Organic logo such as the USDA’s on their packaging as well.”