A Major Pharmaceutical Company Participates as Strategic Investor in Health for Life Capital

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A Major Pharmaceutical Company Participates as Strategic Investor in Health for Life Capital

GastrointestinalSeventure Partners, a European leader in financing innovation, has announced the completion of a new closing for Health for Life Capital , the first investment vehicle in the world to anticipate the microbiome revolution in the fields of health and nutrition, with Novartis Pharma AG agreeing to participate. This closing will increase the total amount of funds available to €160 million.

Since the launch of Health for Life Capital in December of 2013, Seventure Partners has proven its strategic vision by anticipating the microbiome revolution in the health and nutrition sectors. Around this vision, Seventure Partners has successfully attracted financial investors, strategic industrialists and entrepreneurs. As a result, Health for Life Capital has become a reference in its field.

Health for Life Capital has invested in a unique and specific portfolio of pioneering companies in the field of the microbiome and nutrition, such as  the highly promising Enterome, LNC, Maat pharma, Eligo Bioscience, Targedys, Micropharma and others.

“Seventure Partners believes that large worldwide pharmaceutical groups are increasingly interested in the microbiome field in anticipation of finding new ways to conduct research and developing drugs with accompanying diagnostics, especially for infectious and gastrointestinal diseases, and other indications, as well as immuno-oncology approaches,” said Isabelle de Cremoux, CEO and Managing Partner of Seventure.

“The very rapid progression of microbiome research gives some answers to the growing problem of chronic inflammatory diseases, addressing their treatment and prevention and sustainably influencing the pharmaceutical, food and diagnostic industries. It will also impact the entire chain of stakeholders in the health field (public authorities, insurance, etc.). This explains why we wanted to unite specific strategic players from all areas as investors in Health for Life Capital. The microbiome revolution will have an impact in the veterinary and agricultural fields as well as in human healthcare. Current and future research advancements will have a human, social and economic impact worldwide. Since the biotechnology sector started in the 1980s, we are now witnessing the emergence of a new sector that will be as important as genomics,” she added.

Health for Life Capital relies on a wide network of industrial partners (Danone, Tereos, Lesaffre, Bel, Tornier and now Novartis Pharma) and experts such as INRA (Institut National de Recherche Agronomique), the Danish Technology Institute (DTI), and Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. The MultiCap Growth funds, managed by Bpifrance Investment under the PIA (programme of investments for the future), has also invested in Health for Life Capital.