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Andy Jones

Vice President Pharmaceutical Innovation


Andy is a senior leader in AstraZeneca who has moved regularly in his career between project management and a variety of functional line management roles which has given him a wide perspective on the issues of working in big Pharma.

Andy Jones

Andy’s academic education is as a synthetic organic chemist; he obtained his degree and PhD in from the University of Wales in the UK and followed this with post doctoral research at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Andy started his career in R&D firstly in scientific leadership roles and later in project management positions. During this time Andy was involved in the development and commercialization of several significant products including Faslodex, Arimidex, Seroquel and Crestor.

Following time spent in Business Development, as a Site Head and as VP Projects & Portfolio Management, Andy’s current role is VP Pharmaceutical innovation in AstraZeneca’s Pharmaceutical Development function and leads AstraZeneca’s “Intelligent Pharmaceuticals” group who are developing digital tools to help patients optimize the use of medicines in order to maximize their benefits.