Now in its seventh successful year and relocating to a new venue in London, UK, Pharma Integrates will take place this year on 12–13 November at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel.

Hoping to exceed the excellent industry presence of more than 90 prestigious speakers and 350 senior industry executives in 2017, the upcoming event will remain true to the key value chain themes of sourcing and financing innovation, improving access to medicines, optimizing pharma R&D, patient engagement and supply chain management.

Digging deeper into the core content, a top-tier programme of interviews and interactive debates will focus on some of the strategic issues facing the drug manufacturing sector. Topics for debate include the rise of AI and machine learning, patent issues, reputation management, improving the patient experience and “designing digital” into pharma.

Topics already tabled for discussion range from changing pharma’s focus from treatment to prevention, the impact of medtech wearables, developments in cell and gene therapy, surgically removing the industry’s “anticollaboration gene” and, perhaps most contentiously, tackling the thorny matter of “trust.” And, with representation from the entire pharma community, including biotechs, SMEs, small to large pharma companies, CROs, CDMOs, consultants, patient groups and academics, this not-to-be-missed meeting also offers unparalleled networking opportunities.

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As Brexit, political uncertainty and pricing continue to impact funding and inward investment, does the spectre of regulatory equivalence offer an opportunity to implement change and encourage innovation … or are they incompatible? The old ways are not the new ways, it seems, and panellists will examine Big Pharma’s biggest challenges, such as balancing short-term pressures with long-term disruption, affordability and access, and dealing with value-based healthcare, more empowered patients and a greater focus on prevention in an ambiguous world.

Is AI a myth or reality … and can it help pharma R&D to further unlock human biology? Will it improve drug target discovery and what are the opportunities for deep/machine learning to enhance clinical trials, treatment pathways and medicines concordance? How far away are we from 100% automation and are virtual or site-less trials in our immediate future? The panel will tackle these and other thorny issues, such as whether digital therapeutics can complement or substitute medicines, and both around the beyond the pill ventures.

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At nearly 200 years old, it’s easy to think that the pharmaceutical industry might have lost its touch. With Apple, Google, Amazon and DHL lurking in the wings, what do prescribers want? Tackling this question head on, the panel will discuss pharma models of the past and future, assess how healthcare costs can be cut and find out, especially from a regulatory point of view, where the industry currently stands.

It has been forecasted by the ISR that R&D funding will increase by $40 billion from 2015 to 2020. But, who will receive it? Attend the panel discussion to find out whether large or small CROs will be driving the innovation of the future and how CDMOs will benefit from the development of new technologies.

With the GDPR now in effect and the public’s privacy concerns greater than ever, the healthcare sector must ask itself, should there be a limit on data collection and how can we ensure that patient data is protected?

As work and everyday life move further into the online space, the world of healthcare must follow. Discussing topics such as digital design and operation, the panel will also address the mHealth applications of digital diagnostics and devices and the increasing role that the latest technology innovations are playing in the pharma pipeline.

Pharma and biotech are constantly bringing new diagnostics and precision therapeutics to market, but the research, development and commercialisation models of the past will no longer suffice for the patients of the future. Industry engagement with a population genomics agenda will help to transform the discovery of treatments for new targets, accelerate the development of disease-specific molecules and, using pharmacogenomics to match the right treatment to the right patient, deliver real-world effectiveness.

Many pharmaceutical companies are rapidly expanding into new countries and emerging economies; but, these ventures require production facilities that comply both with local legislation and the regulations of the destination geography. Is it a case of never the twain shall meet? Or can new technologies drive localised production?

Despite its challenges, many companies are upgrading their supply chains to keep up with product serialization and market demands. Could this mean fewer drugs remaining in storage? The panel will examine whether AI, digital technologies and/or 3D printing can help, and how more responsive supply chains can drive down healthcare costs and reduce the clinical timeline.

As the world reacts to the impacts of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the healthcare sector must decide how to move forward in this new age of digital tender. Drop in to the panel to find out more about this disruptive innovation and how it could transform the pharmaceutical supply chain.


Regulations are finally being met, but is that the end of the serialisation story? The panel will explore the potential endpoints of track-and-trace technology and what serialisation can offer the industry beyond data collection.

No single company is equipped to overcome all the hurdles involved in the increasingly complex process of developing medicines on their own. As such, sharing resources, expertise and data could expedite times to market and provide more resource efficient solutions. Precompetitive partnerships involving regulators, academics, HTAs, patient organisations and the greater bio/pharma industry would offer deeper insight into the design of clinical trials, a vast amount of pooled disease-relevant data and new approaches to implementing novel technologies. Overall, they can play a significant part in accelerating drug development.

The future is virtual … and so are clinical trials. Virtual clinical trials represent a relatively new method of collecting safety and efficacy data from participants, from study start-up through execution to follow-up, but how accurately can we really simulate the human body and how safe is the data?

Pharma is not an island and requires collaborations and partnerships with multiple organisations and companies to function. In this session, panellists will discuss the pros and cons of working with big versus small companies, explore strategic relationships and examine the benefits of integrated, end-to-end collaborations.

What once seemed like sci-fi fantasy is becoming a reality; machine automation is rapidly becoming part of pharma’s makeup. But what does that mean in practical terms for employees and their workloads? Join the panel as they delve into the world of robotics, artificial intelligence and the future of mechanised pharma.

Ultimately, every strand of the pharmaceutical industry has the same endpoint: the patient. But how much do companies really factor in patient needs and viewpoints? Hear the panel weigh in on the value of patient feedback, how pharma can reduce healthcare costs — not just by decreasing COGs but by implementing new supply chains — and what improving the patient experience could mean for the sector.

Thanks to electronic devices, the world is becoming more and more connected. And with this connectivity comes an opportunity to transform the way in which chronic diseases are managed. Attend the panel to learn how universal platforms are changing the way the industry develops solutions.

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Pharma Integrates 2018 will be held on Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th November 2018 at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, London.

The Grange Tower Bridge is a 5-Star hotel, situated close to the Tower of London and Tower Bridge in London’s historic core. During the hotel’s construction, the excavation of Prescot Street led to the unearthing of an ancient stone mausoleum and intricately patterned glass dish – throwing new light onto the area’s rich local history.

Our 370 luxurious guest bedrooms and suites are all fitted with modern conveniences, including flat screen televisions, media players, and king and queen-sized beds. In-house facilities include a contemporary grill restaurant, a luxury health and fitness club with 25m swimming pool, and a stunning Ajala Spa.

Popular local attractions include the Tower of London, Borough Market, St. Katherine’s Docks and the HMS Belfast. The Grange Tower Bridge Hotel is situated a short walk from Tower Hill tube station and Tower Gateway rail station.

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