John Wiley and Sons, Inc., and CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society, have announced a partnership that will accelerate the evolution of predictive synthesis by enriching Wiley’s award-winning ChemPlanner technology with the most accurate and complete chemical information from CAS.

Rapid advances in the fields of predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning offer tremendous opportunity to enhance the way scientific information is queried and analysed.

ChemPlanner’s state-of-the-art cheminformatics technology helps chemists find the best selection of diverse and viable routes for their synthesis, increasing their efficiency and creativity when developing new molecules.

As an innovative provider of sophisticated digital information solutions, CAS will enhance ChemPlanner with a wealth of additional reaction content and associated references, including reactions from patents.

Integrating more than 10 times the reaction content and offering valuable new features suggested by current ChemPlanner users, including stereoselective retrosynthetic prediction and customisable relevance ranking, this powerful new version of ChemPlanner will be delivered exclusively in SciFindern, a new research experience from CAS that exponentially elevates scientific discovery.

“The integration of the rich CAS content portfolio will greatly enhance the quality and scope of ChemPlanner’s predictions, as well as the utility of the resulting synthetic routes to help researchers overcome synthesis challenges faster,” said Dr Matthew J. Toussant, Senior Vice President of Product and Content Operations, CAS.

“CAS has a strategic focus on leveraging emerging machine learning and predictive technologies  to accelerate the pace of scientific research, and this is our initial step in that evolution.”

“Wiley is thrilled to collaborate with CAS and to make ChemPlanner accessible to hundreds of thousands of researchers worldwide,” said Jay Flynn, SVP and MD, Research Publishing, Wiley.

“CAS is big data for chemistry, making this marriage of best-in-class content and technology a natural partnership. Our goal is to provide powerful, data-driven content that helps chemists solve global challenges.”