clinical trialOmniComm Systems, Inc. , a global leading provider of clinical data management technology, has announced the expanded use and adoption of TrialMaster electronic data capture (EDC) by a leading global biopharmaceutical company across its entire pipeline of drug candidates.

In 2015, this biopharmaceutical company used TrialMaster to run 23 clinical trials. Since selecting TrialMaster, the company has run more than 65 clinical studies across 1300 investigational sites recruiting more than 3000 trial volunteers.

TrialMaster was selected, from amongst other electronic data capture systems, for its innovative features and functionality that enabled this biopharmaceutical company to streamline its clinical development timelines and substantially increase the probability of late-stage product success.

TrialMaster is being used to support the company’s clinical development pipeline across all phases of clinical development, from Phase I through Phase IV, and has fundamentally transformed its entire clinical development process.

“It’s been rewarding to be a part of this long-term client’s rapid growth over the years,” said Stephen Johnson, President and Chief Operating Officer at OmniComm. “This year in particular has been a phenomenal year for them and we are proud to be a part of their success. Their commitment to our products and services is greatly appreciated and a testament to TrialMaster and our entire support organization.”