750x195 press panelsSYGNIS AG has signed a non-exclusive distribution agreement for the commercialization of SYGNIS’ proprietary product portfolio in Australia with GeneWorks Pty Ltd.

Under the terms of the agreement, SYGNIS has granted GeneWorks the rights to promote, market and sell all existing as well as future products including the company’s revolutionary TruePrime products for primer-free WGA as well as SunScript thermostable reverse transcriptase kits for the translation of RNA into DNA to scientists working in genomics, proteomics and diagnostics  in Australia.

GeneWorks is a specialist provider offering a broad portfolio of innovative research reagents in the field of molecular biology as well as cell biology applications to customers in Australia.

“We are very pleased about the distribution agreement with GeneWorks for the Australian continent, which significantly strengthens our worldwide presence and perfectly positions our products in the rapidly growing biotechnology industry,” Pilar de la Huerta, CEO and CFO of SYGNIS commented.

“During the recent months, we experienced an increasing demand in our proprietary product and technology families, fuelled by our extensive marketing activities and ongoing efforts to further expand our distribution network to make our portfolio widely available for researchers working in the life science industry throughout the world,” added Pilar.

Beside the worldwide commercialization via a fast growing list of leading international distribution partners, the product portfolio can also be directly ordered through SYGNIS’ own online shop at www.sygnis.com/shop.