Mighty MatchaMighty Matcha is the UK’s newest 100% organic matcha tea. Made from pure ground green tea leaves, this ancient ingredient has been given a 21st century makeover.

Sealed in attractive high‐grade aluminium to preserve freshness, each tin contains 30 servings of Mighty Matcha; and every cup is loaded with 137 times more antioxidants than a cup of regular green tea.

Mighty Matcha is all natural and vegan, contributes to weight loss, reduces fatigue and lowers cholesterol. Grown in the shade, young leaves are then hand picked and the stalks and veins are intricately removed. This gives a potent kick to their nutritional value, whilst ensuring a sumptuous, less bitter and almost sweet‐like flavour with an energetic zing.

Mighty Matcha offers nothing less than a fresh boost to your diet, the perfect alternative to a morning coffee, or a quick‐fix‐pick‐me‐up for the dreaded afternoon slump.

Hailing from the South Coast of Essex, restaurateur and hospitality aficionado, Will Fishenden’s background, combined with a keen passion for exotic ingredients, led to the creation of Mighty Matcha. “The idea occurred to me whilst I was still at university; I wanted to bring matcha tea to a wider audience. It packs the punch needed to make it through the week, and is a great addition to any diet. The health properties are unrivalled,” he says.

Available exclusively from their official website, Mighty Matcha is set to kick‐start Spring 2016 as one of the most contemporary and relevant health brands, pairing convenient, portable design with a luscious taste and an unbeatable host of physical health benefits.