omega-3 fish oil capsulesSolarvest wishes to announce that it has successfully transferred the technology governing the process monitoring/testing and protocols of its culture production of its organic omega-3 product to its German contract manufacture facilities, confirming commercial production with a representative 2000 L batch.

Solarvest’s technical team travelled to Germany to successfully complete the transfer of the company’s unique organic, vegan omega-3 fatty acid product. The team, in conjunction with the contract producer’s process development employees, cultured the product to commercially viable volumes and quality. The scale-up process was also able to achieve an increase in production yield due to the configuration of the larger equipment.

The product was run through various downstream processing options that determined the final bulk product appearance and process. The company has USA FDA approval, so Solarvest’s next step is to commit to full-scale production of saleable product.

Solarvest’s algae-based process produces omega-3 fatty acid products in a clean, controlled, vegan and certified organic culture system that avoids the environmental pollutants and toxins present in the world’s oceans.

The product reduces pressure on ocean fisheries that currently supply the bulk of the nutraceutical and food enhancement omega-3 market with a sustainable and manageable supply process. The product’s premium differentiation is based on this improved quality and chemical free processing.