ReportsSCORR Marketing, a global health science marketing and communications firm, in partnership with KNect365, a leading business intelligence, academic publishing, knowledge and events business, has released the results of its Technological Innovations for Clinical Trials research report.

The two companies conducted a survey to investigate awareness, perceptions and implementation of technological innovations in the health science industry.

The report is focused on the use of big data, cloud technology for electronic medical records, mHealth technologies and patient-centricity.

“In this report, we looked at the key benefits and challenges that companies have from implementing these technologies,” said Cliff Echols, Market Intelligence Director at SCORR Marketing. “For big data, our market intelligence team found that the primary benefit is increased efficiencies, while the biggest challenge is the cost of implementation. Interestingly, respondents indicated that the quality of training they have received for big data practices is only average.”

The research also includes information on how important respondents felt it was for their company to embrace innovative technologies, how people ranked what their company was doing in comparison to their competitors and the impact regulatory agencies are having on these technologies.

“The implementation of new technological innovations in clinical trials is expanding at a rapid pace,” said Andrew Burrows, Digital Content Marketer at KNect365. “We appreciate SCORR Marketing partnering with us to provide valuable information to our audience on this topic.”

The Technological Innovations for Clinical Trials research report is available for download at