business-agreementRecipharm and LobSor Pharmaceuticals, an Uppsala-based pharmaceutical company focusing on the development of innovative systems to treat symptoms of advanced Parkinson’s disease (APD), are pleased to announce the formation of a manufacturing agreement for LECIGON.

As part of the agreement, Recipharm will have exclusive manufacturing rights for volumes representing the  first 3 years of commercial sales.  Recipharm will also support development costs against a mark-up on manufacturing prices, up to a certain volume, when LECIGON is produced for commercial sales.

This agreement is a follow-on to an established collaboration between LobSor and Recipharm for the development and the manufacturing of batches for the recently completed clinical trial.

Carl-Johan Spak, EVP Development and Technology, Recipharm, commented: “We are extremely pleased to have developed our collaborative partnership with LobSor Pharmaceuticals and to have signed an agreement for the future commercial manufacturing of LECIGON, especially as this is a new, innovative drug, which we believe provides a clear benefit to patients with advanced Parkinson’s disease.”

Roger Bolsöy, Managing Director of LobSor Pharmaceuticals, said: “It is well known that pharmaceutical development is costly and can be cumbersome for a small company. Recipharm is one of our most important strategic partners for the development of our first pharmaceutical product, with whom we have been able to find creative collaboration models to secure the initiation of the LECIGON project. I am impressed that such a large organization as Recipharm has been able to show such entrepreneurial spirit and flexibility to facilitate the development of a company from the early stages through to commercialization.”