press release tileThe future of protein is here! ProCharge is a revolutionary new formula that is designed for anyone who needs high quality protein for quick consumption. ProCharge can be consumed directly from the bottle, mixed in a beverage or applied to any meal or snack for an extra added healthy dose of protein.

ProCharge provides the same advantages as liquid water enhancers except that ProCharge also includes great tasting protein and branch chain amino acids (BCAA) needed for a healthy and active lifestyle. ProCharge is also the world’s first liquid protein enhancer on the market! ProCharge provides 40 g of protein in each 2 oz bottle (20 g per serving).

ProCharge is a complex formula that took years of research and development. ProCharge is a liquid protein enhancer that combines a great tasting formula with a convenient portable solution with many different potential uses.

ProCharge is a breakthrough product delivering results to promote healthy living. Its liquid form provides a variety of application utilities such as on food, in beverages or even through a tube. Some words that industry professionals have used for ProCharge include groundbreaking, exciting, fantastic and “the future.”┬áTry all five flavours: Bold Black Cherry, Citrus Swag, Fierce Fruit Punch, Lemon Lime Zest and Natural.